What is a Hardtail Mountain Bike?

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hardtail mountain bike

Biking is one of the most popular past times in today’s generation because the modern world of globalization has introduced the concept of travel and adventure. From the mountains of foreign countries to the bike tracks of the nearby suburbs, biking is practically a universal sport that many people of all ages love to enjoy.

For those who are still beginners, then perhaps training wheels will be a good start. However, there are also those who ride bikes on the daily, not even thinking about the time and just bike along the road until there would come a stop. Either way, no matter the level of difficulty, it is always a struggle to find the right bike.

For some, it might be easy because they know exactly what they want and know where to get them. However, for those who are clueless about bikes, it can be a bit intimidating to choose from such a wide variety of bikes available for purchase. Fortunately, everything can be narrowed down to as specific as any bike can get. For those who love to be on the adventurous side of things, then hands down mountain bikes is the way to go. But to get even more specific, why not try a hardtail mountain bike?

What is a Hardtail mountain bike?

A Hardtail mountain bike is a bike that has at its front, a suspension fork. It typically has a solid frame and it is great for speed and control. Although it is not for everybody, it is still a good bike to start out with if mountain biking is the preferred activity.

In terms of speed, it has a rear suspension that gives even more control of the rider, being able to twist and turn using the rear wheel as opposed to depending on the front wheels. This transfer of weight or power from the front that has suspension forks to the rear makes riding rough terrain a lot easier. It is perfect for technical climbing where it requires a lot more control, but at the same time, decent speed.

What is also great about this mountain bike is that it has a simple construct. It does not have pivots that riders would usually have trouble with. It does not have rear shocks because it relies on the suspension forks placed at the front. It is also does not have any additional mounts where it can create a bit of problems when climbing particularly rough mountains. Furthermore, because of how simple the mechanism is, it is a lot easier to maintain as well. When biking, rough terrain or not, bikes can easily get dirty after one or two trips. This makes it such a chore, especially since the climb is already so exhausting. Fortunately, because of the simple construct of Hardtail bikes, it is also easier to clean.

One of the most commonly used reasons for choosing Hardtail bikes is its relatively affordable price. Mountain bikes do not come cheap because a lot of work is put into building one and the materials are also not just the run of the mill cheap materials. Mountain bikes are expensive because they are an investment. However, Hardtail bikes are relatively cheaper than most mountain bikes despite using quality materials to make them.

Merida Big Nine

A more popular Hardtail in the market, a lot of customers believe that the Merida Big Nine is the best Hardtail mountain bike in the market. As for the reason why, it all goes down to technicality. Cross country mountain biking is a tricky activity because it requires a lot of maneuvers and techniques in order to get to the destination. This makes the Merida Big Nine the best Hardtail mountain bike for the job. It is a new model that just came out last year and it has consistently been getting good reviews from the public. Another reason that people have to explain why they say that this is the best Hardtail mountain bike ever is that it is very light. With the combination of technicality, speed and control with its light weight, it is the best Hardtail mountain bike anyone could ever hope for.

Mountain biking is a lot more than just picking out a bike and riding. For those who love speed and control, Hardtail mountain bikes are definitely the bikes to invest in.