Modern Furniture

Evolution of Modern Furniture

In terms of design, modern furniture has come so far. Sofas, tables, and other types of furniture have evolved to suit the needs of the people who use them, and these needs frequently change.

17th and 18th century: Intricately Ornate

During this time period, only the rich were able to afford good furniture. They considered furniture as a status symbol.

Chairs, tables, and cabinets were made of exquisite materials – like oak, walnut and mahogany. Hence, they were very sturdy, but were still comfortable to use because of the upholstery. To make them look beautiful, they were designed with very intricate carvings.

20th century: More Functional

As the lifestyle of people started to change, so did the design of furniture. More people are starting to earn steady amounts of income, although they are not as much as the income of aristocrats. Still, they are able to buy furniture that would make their homes more comfortable.

Furniture-makers made their products more affordable – gone were the intricate ornaments and expensive materials. Simple and straightforward designs were introduced. Chairs and sofas are now completely covered with upholstery, so workers can rest and stay comfortable there after a long day.

21st century: Functional and Space-saving

With the continued rise of the population, people started moving into smaller houses and apartments. Furniture is now designed with limited space in mind.

Pieces of furniture now have geometric forms and very minimal decorative features, but are still as comfortable to use as those in the 20th century. This is the kind of furniture that we find available in most stores today.

The current form and function of furniture can still change and adapt to the lifestyle of the future generations. Whatever its next designs will be, they will surely be able to make the homes and lives of people more comfortable.